TJJD Prevention & Early Intervention - Legislation

Texas Human Resources Code Section 203.0065 Prevention and Early Intervention Services authorizes the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to provide prevention and early intervention services.

(a) In this section, "prevention and intervention services" means programs and services intended to prevent or intervene in at-risk behaviors that lead to delinquency, truancy, dropping out of school, or referral to the juvenile justice system.

(b) The department shall provide prevention and intervention services for:
(1)at-risk youth who are six years of age or older and younger than 18 years of age and who are:
(A) subject to compulsory school attendance under the Education Code; or
(B) under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court; and
(2) the family of an at-risk youth described by Subdivision (1).

(c) The prevention and intervention services provided under Subsection (b) must:
(1) consolidate prevention and intervention services within the department to avoid fragmentation and duplication of programs and services; and
(2) increase accountability for the delivery and administration of the programs and services.

(d) The department shall, to the extent funds are available:
(1) plan, develop, and administer a comprehensive and unified statewide delivery system of the prevention and intervention services to at-risk youth and their families;
(2) improve the efficiency and responsiveness of prevention and intervention services by facilitating greater
coordination and flexibility in the use of funds by state and local service providers;
(3) ensure program effectiveness by funding evidence-based or research-based programs;
(4) provide accountability for the provision of services in order to demonstrate the impact or public
benefit of a program by adopting outcomes measures;
(5) assist local communities in the coordination and development of prevention and intervention
services in order to maximize access to federal, state, and local resources; and
(6) provide funding for prevention and intervention services through a competitive process to entities,
including private service providers, local juvenile boards, municipal and justice courts, schools, and non-profit organizations.

(e) The department may seek, through a competitive process, an independent services provider with demonstrated experience in administration of similar statewide projects in Texas to effectively and efficiently provide prevention and intervention services and implement the duties under Subsection (d).

(f) The department shall periodically evaluate the continued effectiveness of prevention and intervention services provided under this section.